Wednesday, March 2, 2016

It's a cloudy forecast for IT...

...and the dominant cloud vendors are cranking out service offerings at a stunning pace month by month. But what's lacking in this headlong rush to the cloud, is cogent and concise guidance.

Each of the big cloud vendors lay out a dizzying array of 'lego'-like building blocks which, to a new initiate, can be bewildering to sort through and choose among for a solution stack. This reality leaves us of the opinion that the cloud wars won't be won on the basis of technical offerings - which to date have maintain an equilibrium of parity - but rather on guidance in their use.

Whichever cloud vendor provides the broadest guidance, best design and architectural practices, in-depth sample solution stacks/templates, and the easiest roads to continuous deployment dev ops is the one who will pull ahead of the others.

And, quite frankly, it can't happen soon enough...

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